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An exploration of destruction, construction and creation, CONCRETE is a fragrance where material preconceptions are deftly demolished, paving the way for something new.

For the launch of their new perfume, Comme des Garçons asked for an immersive event that would capture the quintessence of the fragrance. Their launch had to be explosive since it was their first step in the US market and it had to be a whole new concept. And we made it happen : in a two day experience, 40 guests participated to the DESTRUCTION, CONCTRUCTION, CREATION of CONCRETE. This sensorial experience was set at the MET, in the heart of New York. With a strong theme that was minimalist, made out of raw elements, the immersion was lived as a path of sensorial initiation. “Look and Feel”, it said, “Feast your senses”.

The multisensory journey included a visit of the MET, a lunch at Rose Bakery, a trip in a Water Taxi, a drink in the Brooklyn Barge Bar, the CONCRETE Launch and an exceptional closing gourmet experience.

In an abandonned hangar enlightened with white neons, metallic and mystifying sounds resonate. Video projection and mapping enliven the walls and scaffolds, and plunge the room into an electric atmosphere. Mixers start churning, perfumed dazzling haze rises and immerse the guests.

CONCRETE is brought to life.

Artistic Direction, Content creation, Design, Brand Activation, Scenography, Show Conception, Sound Design