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Two sisters on a journey through Morocco. Orange sunsets blaze over the desert horizon. Arabesque streets and doorways punctuate the vivid Klein blue backdrop. A weaving road appears like a mirage in the sand: Tichka, a dangerous passage through the high Atlas mountains and a gateway to the exotic Sahara Desert.

From this perilous journey emerged the Angela Mitchell Fall 2018 Tichka collection, making its debut at New York Fashion Week. The collection showroom was designed as an immersive experience, transporting influencers and media through the creative universe of the Canadian-born designers.

Featuring 32 pairs of handcrafted Italian shoes for men and women, including the iconic Tichka boots, the collection was showcased in the Industria studio for a few hours only. The pieces were displayed on transparent steel structures to create a feeling of vastness and motion throughout the space, while the combination of rough desert materials and Swarovski crystals sparkling against leather evoked a sense of luxurious mystery. Blending modern elements with creative expression, an artistic film greeted visitors at each end of the installation, brought to life with sounds of the desert and subtle olfactory notes.

Inspired by the geometric patterns and audacious spirit of Morocco’s Tichka passage, this latest collection from the Angela Mitchell sisters sets the stage for limitless and unforgettable exploration.

Notable attendees included Danielle Staub, Christine Staub, Fern Mallis, Bobby Wesley, actresses Malgosia Garnys and Ayesha Perry, Carolina Lindo, Daria Borisova, Paulina Cebrzynska, Vienna Skye, and Michelle Madonna.

Artistic Direction, Design, Brand Activation, Brand Identity, Scenography