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Each year, the Auberge Saint-Gabriel in Montreal plays host to international and local patrons alike for four nights of celebrations over F1 weekend. It has a prominent reputation as a restaurant and nightlife destination.

For the 2016 Grand Prix, the Auberge wanted to enhance the experience of its clientele as well as increase the number of attendees and sales. Circo began by creating a stand-alone identity – ABGE – illuminated by strong design and branding. Now easily recognizable, the four-soirée grand prix event could grow as a fixture of F1 weekend each year. 

ABGE was supported by strategic PR, media sponsorship, social media and influencers. Partnerships with broadcasters and lifestyle brands like Romeo's Gin, Lacoste, and Rudsak also contributed through their respective networks.

Over 3000 people attended the ABGE’s first four soirées and we successfully doubled the revenues of 2015.

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