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The UEFA wanted to do something special to kick off every matchs EURO 2016 to be played into cities across France. Excitement was building ahead of the championship, but how do you make people feel that they are more than spectators – that they’re a part of it?

Circo developed a whopping 49 pre-match ceremonies with a tight budget, coordinating as many as three shows each day. We worked with the UNSS, a French organization that promotes youth sports and invited kids in each host city to participate in the show.

The ceremonies were also designed to be impactful for television: besides giant team jerseys, performers were decked out in eye-catching team colours, while the UEFA logo and letters identifying each city were emblazoned at the heart of the action.

We gave choreographers freedom and encouraged local kids in each city to also create their own choreographies. The UEFA was thrilled with the results and especially the strong moments that set the stage for football fans across Europe to live EURO 2016.

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