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Each team at the UEFA EURO has a basecamp where they stay during the Championship. In 2016, the French team was invited to the Château Clairefontaine - a legendary location bearing the names and photos of the team of ‘98 who had stayed there when they won the World Cup. We were tasked with bringing a new design to the space for the FFF.


The basecamp includes the Château and Garden Terrace for players and staff, as well as an exclusive village just for the players. We began with a strong new graphic design that remixed the FFF. Very ‘street’ and sleek, it featured a custom light tunnel at the entrance to welcome the French team home after their first match kicking-off the Euro 2016.


We renamed the rooms after the French Euro 2016 players, brought in new photography, and created an experience with an ambient lounge, DJ booth, and pool tables in the private 400m2 village so players could relax before the Championship.

Artistic Direction, Design, Graphic Production, Visual Identity, Logistics & Coordination, Event Production, Print Production, Scenography, Storyboarding