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When it comes to France, what’s that ‘’je ne sais quoi’’ that captures people’s imagination? This was the question that inspired Circo for the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 EURO in Paris.

The answer wasn’t a piece of cake, but it was just as delightful. We knew the show had to run like clockwork before the first match and leave the field intact, so we designed a carpet to cover the pitch modelled on a French garden with a carrousel at its centre. A choreography featuring 400 volunteers unfurled with French gentlemen, ballerinas and dancers dressed in pink puffs of cotton candy. But no show would be complete without the Cancan - and we went for the biggest in history with 144 dancers!

Next, a change of rhythm. The carrousel opened to reveal the renowned French and Music Ambassador of Euro 2016 DJ David Guetta spinning a medley of his hits, plus an original track composed for the tournament featuring Zara Larsson. We’ve also asked the audience to participate into the show by putting up a giant tifo featuring all the teams national flags. The show was stopped by a fly-over by the French acrobatic guard The Patrouille de France. Energy swelled as the Republican Guard played and participating teams took to the field for the national anthem. In total, some 400 million viewers watched from 200 countries worldwide.

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