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The bar is set high in a city where football shares the podium with fashion and exquisite culture. Circo was brought on board to create an Opening Ceremony that would augment brand visibility for both the UEFA and the show’s star, while paying tribute to the host city of Milan.

For the first time in the League’s history, we invited a star onto the pitch. Alicia Keys took the stadium by storm and elevated the League’s international profile. We worked with 450 volunteer performers and 12 of Alicia Keys’ professional dancers to produce for a stunning choreography. The show’s aesthetic integrated elements from sports, fashion as well as Keys’ own style in a nod to Milan as Europe’s fashion capital.

The show maximized use of the field to heighten the experience for stadium and TV audiences, and promote visibility of the UEFA and singer’s brands. We also designed elements that could be reused over the next three years. At the heart of the action was a custom-built modular stage that morphed into a stunning 3D Star Ball. Other highlights included pyrotechnics, LED animations and a 7,500 m2 carpet with the League’s logo for the grand finale. 180 million viewers in 220 countries around the world tuned in for the show.

Artistic Direction, Design, Graphic Production, Logistics & Coordination, Choreography, Costume Design, Event Production, Make up Design, Scenography, Show Conception, Storyboarding, Storytelling