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Every year, the French Cup, organized by the French Federation of Football (FFF), is held in Paris at the Stade de France.

Beginning in 2012, Circo won a 5-year contract (with one year skipped) from the FFF to produce an exhilarating closing ceremony for the French Cup, including staging, entertainment, and trophy presentation. Each ceremony would be different and make compelling viewing for both stadium spectators and the 7 million viewers around the world. Our team also made sure the show was safe, easily removable and would not damage the pitch.

The FFF wanted us to spotlight the finalists and the identity of the event itself in new and exciting ways. We designed each show to build the energy in the stadium to an impressive crescendo ensuring every fan had goosebumps by the time their team returned to the field and stand before the Cup. We remixed the competition’s theme song to keep it fresh, created animated football video content that heightened fans’ adrenaline, and brought that awe-factor with performers descending into the stadium from 3 giant banners - the first time ever for this type of event in an arena!

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