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For the launch of its sleek new location in the bustling business district of Montreal, the W Hotel wanted nothing short of a wow-effect. It wished to showcase the luxury hotel without altering it for the opening. No problem. Circo designed the entertainment, drew up the perfect guest list and let the W’s masterful style, service and comfort speak for itself.

To announce its opening night in Montreal, our team made sure the W left a wondrous mark at one of the most prestigious events of its kind in the world (second only to Cannes in terms of high-profile market activity) with an impressive guerrilla stunt that featured video projections on Toronto buildings during TIFF. For the occasion, Circo designed and produced both original video content and the stunt.

To kick off the party in Montreal, we rolled out the red carpet. The guest list was lined with notable corporate invitees via our PR agency, while Circo made sure influential artists and tastemakers were there to spread the word.

Guests entered the hotel under a giant W to explore what lies behind its emblematic lettering. They stepped into the wonderful world of Whatever/Whenever service, the Wunderbar, and W Happenings. Circo designed the evening around an exceptional experience of a stay at the hotel - from sumptuous buffets to spectacular entertainment in exclusive suites throughout the hotel.

Artistic Direction, Design, Video Content, Motion Design, Logistics & Coordination, Event Production, Print Production, Storytelling, Video Editing, Video Installation