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How do you create a visual experience that’s as mind-blowing for TV viewers as for a live audience? Circo’s answer for the UEFA EURO 2012 Final Draw in Kiev (2011) was “Creating History Together” - a technically seamless show that brought audiences on a journey through time, spotlighting edge-of-your-seat moments and the countries that won.

Following colossal archival research to source real vintage footage, a sonar reconstruction of sportscaster commentary, and technical production of all motion design content for the hour long live show, we delivered a visually stunning show for both viewers and guests.

Audiences got to re-live UEFA history with 2D animated newspapers depicting European football’s most breathtaking seconds. The thrill and emotion were amplified by sportscaster commentary recreated from vintage footage.

Last but not least, using innovative 3D videomapping techniques, we brought to life archival photos of 13 legendary football players, right before they walked onto the stage in Kiev in front of 2,000 guests and 20 million viewers worldwide.

Artistic Direction, Design, Graphic Production, 3D Design, Video Content, Motion Design, Logistics & Coordination, Event Production, Show Calling, Storytelling, Video Editing